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Ballan in Autumn is Festival Time


This is the big week for our little Central Highlands town 78km north-west of Melbourne, when the power poles in the main street magically sprout loudspeakers and spring to life on Sunday. We hadn’t moved in this time last year so Sunday will be our first one … luckily filmmaker Patrick Bonello captured the action and posted it: looks wild!



And now the cool hunting starts … (and some weird hunting)

It’s vintage heaven at the Red Till cafe and bar in the tiny ocean-side hamlet of Anglesea, south-west of Melbourne, Victoria. Everything seems to have been scrounged from someone’s aunty 🙂 There’s a good chance cool hunters would get lost and never escape this place!

On the headland overlooking the bay

Just the most delightful resting spot at Victoria House B&B Portland western Victoria, at the start of the Great Ocean Road. It was like staying with the captain of an old-time seagoing yacht, moored in a garden, with vintage wardrobes and luggage to boot.

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