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Moving: box yourself in with this?

Many families move house at Christmas time and this professional removalist’s box is sure to come in handy. We had it professionally constructed to move 5 cubic metres of our furniture across half the country (Victoria to Outback Queensland) and now it’s ready for its next user. Only $300 to purchase and free pick-up in Longreach. The box — technically called a “lift van” — can be shipped by rail to you but the shipping will be extra. Phone John on 0413 004 138 or email now.


Favourite thing about this place … 1

Two rooms

On our long journey south from Brisbane to Melbourne in July, we stopped at B&Bs along the way. I photographed my favourite thing — the one main thing — I loved in each place. Here at the Tudor House in Glen Innes, New South Wales, it was the timber finishing in the expansive guest rooms. So simple, but elegant.

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