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On the headland overlooking the bay

Just the most delightful resting spot at Victoria House B&B Portland western Victoria, at the start of the Great Ocean Road. It was like staying with the captain of an old-time seagoing yacht, moored in a garden, with vintage wardrobes and luggage to boot.


Across Victoria from north to south

Drive, drive, drive, drive, following the NavMan machine stuck on the windscreen (which we call NavGirl for her clipped Australian accent), from the Murray to the coast at Portland, and then this … the windswept and intimidating Cape Nelson lighthouse where we gazed south towards Antarctica for the first time.

Then this … wind turbines marching off along the ridges and sending green electricity surging through the wires of Victoria. Up close they’re very impressive, a little bit scary, reassuring (after all, they’re a renewable energy source) and maybe contentious (not everyone thinks they’re fantastic). I remember my first glimpse of the coast of Ireland was of an enormous wind farm near Cork and I realised that I was witnessing a sign of the times. We passed other wind farms as we drove along the Great Ocean Road … but that’s for another day, let’s find the B&B in Portland and a little history.

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