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Soup and gum trees

Lovely lunch and wine tasting + attentive service at Merricks General Store on the Mornington Peninsular, served by Maria in the restaurant and Joyce at the tasting bar. We matched the Baillieu 2009 shiraz with the Merricks platter of terrine, meats, cheese and olives and wasn’t it a pleasure!

But what’s this outside on the porch (right) … the weirdest barrow load of pumpkins we’ve ever seen? They’d be wasted in a soup … more at home as a table decoration.

After lunch we wandered over the road to the Stonier Wines cellar door and selected a 2010 pinot noir for $28 and a 2009 Halcyon chardonnay ($45) while we admired the glorious flowering eucalyptus in the garden (below) … now if only someone can tell me the name of the variety of eucalyptus. Apparently others have asked. Love to know.

Here’s the “top shelf” offerings back at the General Store … talk about vintage!


Now we know …

I’ve looked at a lot of wine labels in my time but this is the first time I have seen “picking dates” recorded on the bottle. Fruit for this chardonnay, from the Mornington Peninsular, was picked on the 4th, 6th, 8th and 9th of April, 2009. Adds a nice extra touch to the buying and drinking experience, don’t you think? If you have found something similar, please send it along and I can add it to this post …

Sweet Flinders

Here’s Kate and me at the counter of MP Chocolates … where they make secret chocolate shoes … (just out of shot on the right, because they prefer you not to photograph them …) but you can view them at their website. The shop’s a delight in windy Flinders, coastal Victoria, and the chockies are too.

Woolly on a chilly day

We met Kathy Subic at the Zeega salon in remote Flinders, far southern Victoria. It was wet, windy, chilly and … so we popped out of the weather into her shop and what a find! Kathy, from Croatia in the former Yugoslavia, calls it “her own personal sweat shop”.

And we might have discovered some relatives … stay tuned.

In Kathy Subic’s Zeega workroom

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