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Favourite thing about this place … 3

Nice bath at Captain’s on the Bay … but after the sights of the day, Apollo Bay was a bit of an anti-climax. The perils of being “next village on” from stunning geography! Perhaps we’re getting road weary, perhaps anxious to be arriving in the Big Smoke, Melbourne … that would be tomorrow. The end of an epic journey, the start of a new life. How many times do we get to do this in a life?

Happy note: the Dragon Bay Inn was a very pleasant surprise at the end of our long day’s drive … not crowded, not noisy, not slow, attentive wait-staff. We ate the dim sims, the duck pancake, crispy-skinned chicken, crispy roast pork and sipped Heineken and Stonyfell Verdelho. And off to bed.


On the headland overlooking the bay

Just the most delightful resting spot at Victoria House B&B Portland western Victoria, at the start of the Great Ocean Road. It was like staying with the captain of an old-time seagoing yacht, moored in a garden, with vintage wardrobes and luggage to boot.

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