Croncourt Pty Ltd was incorporated in 1987 with a mission to write, edit, publish and sell. And since then that’s exactly what we’ve done, supplying editorial and business services to large companies such as News Corporation, as well as smaller ones such as Focus Publishing, and individuals in Australia and around the world. We have traded under various brands depending on the market needs at the time: editorial services and magazine and book publisher Tom Koates Enterprises, boutique bookshop Books on the Park, and then in 1994, literary agency Strictly Literary came along. About Media strategic communications (managed by Phillipa Hanrick) and Cokley Media (managed by Dr John Cokley) editorial services followed. We expanded into online publishing in 1995 and into books-on-demand in 2008. Today Croncourt Pty Ltd trades both under our most successful brand — Strictly Literary — and as EduPreneur Services International for education and making the digital transition.

Our latest brand is Voice Consulting, conceived and managed by Phillipa Hanrick as a community engagement service especially for rural Australians.

Our offices are in Scarborough, Australia. If you have a great story about shopping, eating, drinking or travel, send us a message now:

Oh … and by the way, a little disclaimer: Eat Drink Sleep Shop Australia site visits are all paid for by us, no freebies, so we shop the same as you do, experience exactly what every other visitor experiences and importantly, look for value for money exactly the same way our viewers do. We have no commercial ties to the establishments we visit (if ever we do, we will declare them, such as if samples are sent for review) and comment on them objectively for readers’ information. That’s part of the value we bring to this job. Some sponsored content is supplied by web agency Fatjoe and where appropriate, that is acknowledged.


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