More fantastic Crowe

Went to see The Water Diviner yesterday and came away feeling greatly inspired. Had an idea this would be so, as we’re big fans of Crowe’s acting. Turns out he can direct masterfully too. See it … and in a nice touch, we understand US audiences will get their first taste on Anzac Day 2015.


2 responses

  1. Hi John, Just caught up with your blog after a loong absence. Not quite sure where you are living now …..and what you’re up to? Love your blog, but have to heartily disagree with your opinion of the Water Diviner. We though it was a great load of rubbish, which saw Russell Crowe play a character completely unbelievable, had a poor script, ridiculously fake and impossibly clean setting and costumes. Silly overdrawn characters and clichéd message re ANZAC. Seemed designed for RC to play a big hero, a corny cross between Indiana Jones and Crocodile Dundee. There were a few redeeming features, ie the Turkish death toll message and actor playing the Turkish captain. But it went from dumb to dumber, in our view. Sorry, had to vent.


  2. Wow, didn’t like it, huh? That’s OK we like all views. 🙂 Living in Longreach, working on the Web … see cheers, JC


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