Delighted delighted delighted

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Delighted to announce the launch of a new anthology of creative writing from local writers in the Moorabool Shire, central Victoria, Australia. It represents the rich and diverse creative talent working in regional Victoria. The Moorabool Library Services and Moorabool Shire Council provided resources (=$$$ and in-kind support) to make this project possible. The anthology was edited by the Writers Craft committee, I handled final editing, design, production and publication through Strictly Liter@ry™.

Here are some of the pre-review reviews we cobbled together 🙂

‘I keep this book by my bedside. Essential reading for budding dictators.’ Mao Tse Tung

‘Would have been handy on D-Day.’ Field Marshall Erwin Rommel

‘A Ripper read.’ Aaron Kosminski

‘These writers have obviously suffered for their art. Now you can, too.’ The Moorabool Literary Supplement

‘Who said the author was dead? They’re alive and working in Moorabool.’ Roland Barthes

‘Steal this book!’ Ned Kelly

‘Better in bed than Marc and Julius.’ Cleopatra

You can buy a printed copy here or an ebook version here or (naturally) a Kindle version here.


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