When gluten is ‘out’

We don’t pretend to be experts on gluten-free products but members of the house who avoid gluten because of its inflammatory side-effects say the search for quality bread and pasta seems endless and disappointing.

As a result we rarely purchase gluten-free breads or pastas.

But recently we received word of three new products from LifeStyle Bakery in South Australia to try. These were Gluten Free Soy Linseed Loaf, Gluten Free Chia & Quinoa Loaf and Gluten Free Fruit Loaf.


While all these products were more than acceptable the Gluten Free Chai & Quinoa Loaf really was surprising, in the best possible way.

Our tasters found it to be flavoursome with the best “bready” consistency of all the GF breads we’ve tried so far.

The bread is soft but not sticky and heavy and tastes great.

Of the three products we thought it was the best … although we also enjoyed the Fruit Loaf and the Soy Linseed Loaf.

So thank you LifeStyle Bakery … we will definitely look for your yummy bread.


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