Cider in the sun

It’s all about lunch and drinking cider in the sun. We visited Daylesford Cidery, an hour’s drive up the motorway north-west of Melbourne and discovered the most delightful uncarbonated dry cider. Truth be told, last weekend was our third visit. Perhaps we’re hooked. The first time was when we visited Bendigo in October 2012, and we literally stumbled on the road-side sign and followed it to 155 Dairyflat Road, Musk. Second time, we searched the address in Google and found our way back. Third time, with two old mates from Brisbane, we have now programmed the address into our NavGirl GPS and we know we’ll get there. David Stagg has served us twice now … revered gent, retired Melbourne solicitor, makes a fantastic brew. Four brews in fact: a sweet, medium and dry, and a slightly fizzy sweet one as well (for the girly market, apparently successfully). Stubbies of cider are served with a light tasting plate of local cheese, Mt Zero olives, local sausage and fruit with walnuts and pickles. Ummmm, yummy. What’s your favourite Sunday lunch hang-out?


3 responses

  1. Sounds like a beaut drive and drop. But is it as nice as the Monteith’s Pear and Raspberry cider?


  2. Haven’t tried that one … where do you get it?


  3. Any First Choice or Dan Murphys outlet.


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