As if it were yesterday … oh, it was!

An art-lover’s shower rose in the bathroom at the Heide Museum of Modern Art just north of Melbourne. I’ve photographed showers before because they’re often the things which leave the longest-lasting impressions … and this one takes the cake at nearly a foot wide.

Here in the front room at Heide we found a wonderful array of floor-to-ceiling bookshelves bulging with examples of mid-20th century publishing in the house established by John and Sunday Reed (read the story of their art-loving lives, their publishing and their patronage of Australian cultural greats). We were captivated by original works on display created by legendary artists Sidney Nolan and Albert Tucker.

Back to earth at the yummy Melbourne food and wine supermarket, Leo’s at Camberwell, where we discovered these pickled eggs: how many varieties can one have of these things?


One response

  1. I love your fixation with shower roses. Is it a cleanliness thing? Must say the wide ones wd be great for all over dampening and shampoo rinsing.
    The John and Sunday Reed published works wd be interesting. Our bookclub read Alex “Autumn Lang” a few months ago and loved it, based on Sunday Reed and Sydney Nolan love affair. Saw in the paper this week that Nolan’s daughter Jinx is selling one of his Ned Kelly paintings through Sothebys.
    You are doing some interesting things, John. Lucky you.


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